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Mark Juchnowicz is a Master Plumber with over 30 years of experience. He’s been a plumber his whole life and has had countless experience fixing leaks and waterproofing homes.

Mark has always loved working with his hands, getting involved and being at the coalface – scoping, quoting and getting involved in all the waterproofing jobs. Mark fell into plumbing after getting to know a plumber who came to do a job at his parent’s holiday home. Mark was so interested, he asked him for a job! Mark has since worked his way up from apprentice, to plumber, to Master Plumber, picking up drain laying and gasfitting skills and experience along the way. After dipping his toes in the water for a few years, he decided it was time to launch his own business, and has run Ark Plumbing and Drainage ever since.

Mark launched TritoNZ after coming across an opportunity to invest in and bring TRITOflex™ to New Zealand, and he hasn’t looked back!

One of his favourite parts of the job is applying TRITOflex on large buildings where he can abseil as he does it – every day becomes an adventure! Mark has been married for 22 years, and running his business for 23.


If working outside, abseiling down buildings, working with your hands, and using a hotly demanded product interests you, don’t hesitate to get in contact! TritoNZ is always looking for new members of the team, and we’re happy to talk to anyone who’s interested.

All of the TRITOflexNZ team are qualified abseilers, meaning they can save their clients thousands on installing scaffolding.

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