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How to tell if you’ve got a costly window leak too worry about

Leaky doors and windows are the bane of any cosy, energy-efficient home. A drafty home is like a drafty wallet, seeping air in and out like lost dollars.

During the summer, we spend hundreds of dollars running air conditioning units and fans to keep cool air in, and during the winter we run heaters and heatpumps to keep cool air out. When your windows and doors are leaking air through cracks or worn fittings, your comfortable temperature becomes a majorly unnecessary cost to maintain.

In today’s blog, we’ll let you in on a few trade secrets to sussing out whether or not you’ve got leaky windows or doors, and what to do about them.

Look and listen

Leaking windows and doors can be seen and heard if you know where to look and listen. Wellington throws a fair few windy days at us, so spend some time with your ear to each window and door next time strong winds are tearing at your home. Can you hear that tell-tale whistling sound around any of the windows and doors? Check to see if they open and close properly, because if they do then the only explanation is a leak!

You can inspect indoors and outdoors for cracks or worn waterproofing in and around your doors and windows. Decaying wood is a common culprit, so if you live in an older home then you should do an inspection regardless of whether or not you suspect a leak; if you don’t have one now, it’s only a matter of time!

If your home has old single-paned windows then turn your attention the glazing (the hard putty that holds the individual panes of glass in place). If every inch of the perimeter of each window and door is not sealed tight against air and water, then your home is vulnerable to expensive heat or cool air loss.

The ‘smoke’ trick

Time to get a little bit smart, scientific, and just a tad mystic in your hunt for leaks! For this experiment you’ll need an incense stick and a calm, still home. Close all doors and windows, keep all heaters, fans and air conditioning units off. Turn on your kitchen vent/fan and bathroom fan, then light your incense stick.

With the fans in your kitchen and bathroom working to suck air that is currently in your home out again, you’ll create a natural pull that draws outside air in through leaky windows and leaky doors. To locate these leaks, hold your burning incense stick up to and around each door and window. Notice any wavering in the smoke, even though you’re holding the stick still? There’s your leak!

Call in the pros at Trito

With the goal of saving money by sealing up all your home’s leaks, you’ll need a team of professionals to ensure your home stays comfortable and energy efficient.

The team at Trito have ample experience with leaky windows and doors in Wellington: we’ll inspect your home for leaks or deterioration, and fix and seal everything good and tight to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Contact Trito today!

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Sprung a leak?

Up and down the country, we’ve experienced some pretty wild weather over the winter months! The Insurance Council of New Zealand recently reported that Cyclones Debbie and Cook resulted in $84 million of insurance claims for damage to property! These included claims made about water damage from torrential flooding, trampolines and outdoor furniture being tossed… Continue Reading

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Water damage to your New Zealand home

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In or out: negative waterproofing in Wellington

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TRITOflex: keep your roof waterproof

TRITOflex is an instant-setting liquid rubber membrane that is water-based and environmentally safe. It is a tough yet extremely flexible material that is efficiently sprayed to any thickness in a single pass, creating a fully-adhered, monolithic waterproofing membrane with no waste. TRITOflex is lightweight so it can be applied directly over an existing roof system… Continue Reading

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The benefits of ‘Industrial Abseiling’

While the TRITONZ team is comprised of professionally qualified applicators; the team also double as confident, seasoned abseiling specialists. Our people can abseil from the humble roof of your 2 story flat, to the mighty 100+ floor walls of skyscraper buildings. It’s all in a day’s work! It’s important for kiwis to have the option… Continue Reading

How to identify a sneaky leak in your roof

Sometimes your house can be like that fickle friend you had in highschool: one semester they’re your best buddy, then the next they won’t have anything to do with you! In the same way, your roof is going to play nice in the summertime, but as soon as winter hits it can stack a whole… Continue Reading

Tips for smart landscaping for natural stormwater drainage: part 1

Tips for smart landscaping for natural stormwater drainage: part 1

With winter well underway we all know that it only takes one solid downpour to invoke some seriously inconvenient damage on our stormwater drainage. What’s worse, years of bad flooding can eventually compromise the foundations of your home, as well as any walls that come into contact with the ground surrounding your property.    Continue Reading

What is a ‘waterproofing specialist’ and why should I hire one?

You may have heard the term floating around in talk of tradie’s, but have you ever stopped to ask what a waterproofing specialist actually is? In short, the jobs of a waterproofing specialist include (but are not limited to) the application of waterproof membranes to roofs, decks, foundations, gutters, and other such areas exposed to… Continue Reading

Flat roofing: why it leaks and what you can do about

When it comes to flat roofing and green roofing there will always be several factors that can bring about frustrating leakages. The issues begin when these roofs are waterproofed with only single ply membranes. These single ply membranes tend to have seams that run the risk of not being completely bonded, or heavy Asphalt that… Continue Reading

Weatherproofing for Winter: Roof

Each and every roof requires a certain level of attention. From the day of installation, your roofing system undergoes continuous weather-induced deterioration. The elements are the most notorious villains your roof system will face over its service life. Foot traffic on the roof and the installation of mechanical and other equipment can also weaken the… Continue Reading

Weatherproofing for Winter: Pipes and Hot Water Cylinders

An age old enemy of the pipe has always been the cold. As with any plumbing, pipes and drains can often feel the bitter bite of plummeting winter temperatures and nippy frosty periods. We recommend having your pipes and drains repaired as soon as possible (preferably prior to winter) to prevent cracking, bursting, and reduced… Continue Reading

Weatherproofing for Winter: Foundations & Basements

Foundations can also become victims of winter’s watery wiles. Your building’s foundations commonly leak due to poor drainage as outside water can easily penetrate poorly waterproofed floors and walls. After heavy rain it is common for the soil surrounding your foundation tp also be a leak-causing culprit; eventually causing the walls of your basement or… Continue Reading

Weatherproofing for Winter: Windows & Doors

Could your house be in need of some weather maintenance to keep it in optimal shape this winter? In this four part blog we cover a few key ways Trito NZ can help you button up your building this winter; helping you avoid risk and save and repairs or power bills! Investing in weatherproofing for… Continue Reading

Foundation waterproofing is an essential consideration

Foundation waterproofing is an essential consideration

Your property’s foundations are often out of sight, but they should never be kept out of mind. The foundation of your building is what’s holding everything up and in place. You need to make sure these foundations will stand the test of time and hold against it’s biggest threat; water. Foundation waterproofing is an essential… Continue Reading

Wind proofing your roof is just as important as waterproofing it

Wind proofing your roof is just as important as waterproofing it

It’s hard to admit that Summer is behind us, as Autumn brings cooler temperatures and gusty winds to Wellington. Autumn however, is the perfect season to ‘Wind Proof’ your roof. While ‘wind proofing’ is no where near as common as water proofing, for residents of the world’s windiest city, it should be essential. Each Winter… Continue Reading

Waterproofing at a Height

Waterproofing at a Height

Difficult to reach places take on a whole new meaning when you’re assessing a multi story building. Whether you have flashings on your roof in need of repair, or your foundations need waterproofing, the job seems 10 times bigger when you’ve got to go UP to fix it. Luckily, these jobs are quick and easy… Continue Reading

Choosing a New Roof

Choosing a New Roof

Looking to replace or repair an existing roof or build a new residential house with a shiny new roof? We have ongoing contracts for roof maintenance, repair, rubber waterproofing, and new built houses. A new roof is a big investment and it is important to think through which type of roof you want. These are… Continue Reading

Tips for Choosing Roofing Materials

Tips for Choosing Roofing Materials

Most New Zealand houses are exposed to a wide variety of conditions and this also impacts how the roof lasts over time. Choosing the right roof is an important yet complex part of building or renovating, and there are a lot of types of roofing materials to consider. For a guide to choosing roofing, look… Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Give Your House/Business a Green Roof

5 Reasons to Give Your House/Business a Green Roof

Whether you’re looking to build a new home or just jazz up your current house, a green roof is a fun thing to look into doing. New Zealand home owners often don’t think about putting one in, but often It provides your house a lot of benefits you wouldn’t expect, so is worth considering, especially… Continue Reading

How to deal with a flooded basement

How to deal with a flooded basement

One of the most devastating home accidents is a flooded basement. It can be caused by a burst in your plumbing, poor floor and wall sealings, or an improperly installed drainage system. Rather than dealing with it, many people prefer to wait and try to let the problem go away on its own. Such an… Continue Reading

Waterproofing – It’s no DIY job

Waterproofing – It’s no DIY job

Kiwis are great at DIY. The average ‘Do-It-Yourselfer’ is pretty capable when it comes to small repairs around the house and property. However when it comes to the bigger jobs, you need to call in the experts. The foundations in your home need to stay waterproofed. Small leaks might be easy to ignore, but eventually… Continue Reading

The leaky school crisis rages on

The leaky school crisis rages on

Leaky Schools have been in the news quite a bit recently, with Arrowtown’s Primary School stating they have waterproofing issues in seven of the school’s nine blocks. A Christchurch company in liquidation is being chased by the Government for $800,000 over allegedly defective and leaky school buildings dating back to 2005. However, it feels like… Continue Reading

Preventing mould: Our top waterproofing tips

Preventing mould: Our top waterproofing tips

Summer is on it’s way and that means, sun, beaches and unfortunately allergies. With the increase of pollen in the air; nose, throat and skin allergies get gingered up. While it’s hard to prevent which way the pollen flies you can help your family this summer by combatting mould with the following waterproofing tips. The… Continue Reading

Learn about TRITOflex NZ

Learn about TRITOflex NZ

We recently had our friend Bryson from Stem Creative make a video to explain what TRITOflex is, how it works, and why we just LOVE our jobs here at TRITOflexNZ! Hint: Getting to climb up and abseil around buildings is our favourite part! Learn more here: Continue Reading

Commercial Waterproofing

Commercial Waterproofing

You might have seen the video we made to show what TRITOflex™ is, and what TRITOflexNZ can do. The video was shot on a big commercial building we were waterproofing. The best part of a commercial waterproofing job is when we are able to save the owner a significant cost in not requiring scaffolding as… Continue Reading

Negative waterproofing job

Negative waterproofing job

Here’s another great photo montage of the process of a negative waterproofing job. Negative waterproofing is when you waterproof from the inside out, which can save huge excavation cost where it is hard to waterproof from the outside. You can read more about negative waterproofing and see some photos from that waterproofing job here. Continue Reading

Waterproofing concrete tiles and a copper valley

Waterproofing concrete tiles and a copper valley

We had a pretty tough job on our hands waterproofing some concrete tiles and a copper valley. Here’s an image slideshow of how we tackled a job that has been difficult to waterproof in the past. With TRITOflex™ NZ and TRITOtrowel™ what was a difficult job to keep waterproof is now super easy to waterproof with TRITOflex™ ! You can… Continue Reading

Kiwi Cres

Kiwi Cres

This job involved repairing and waterproofing an existing butinol roof. Butinol tends to rip after a while, as it doesn’t expand and contract in different temperatures and the sun can break it down. This means after a time, a butinol roof is likely to leak through and need comprehensive roof repairs, or a good waterproofing… Continue Reading



The butynol roof and deck had been leaking for a while. The client had been given another price to completely re-design the existing roof – i.e. to completely build another roof over the existing one to maybe stop the leaking. We were instead able to retain the existing structure and simply waterproof it with TRITOflex™. That was achieved… Continue Reading

Oriental Parade

Oriental Parade

The oriental parade job had lots of different components – repairing a roof, creating a new deck, changing a glass roof dome. The important part, however, was waterproofing the roof as well as waterproofing the wall up the side. We started by making a temporary roof for the job. Next, we peeled back the existing… Continue Reading

Crofton Downs

Crofton Downs

This job involved a concrete external wall, where above ground waterproofing had failed the first time. Water was leaking into the house through the ground and there were too many groves and angles for flashing to be the right solution. To fix these leaks up, we had to clean up the area, remortar it, and… Continue Reading

Johnsonville Roof

Johnsonville Roof

This project involved a tiled roof where the haunching (the mortar part that supports the tiles and connects them to the roof) had completely gone. The mortar was cracking – this is a pretty regular occurrence in roofing, as roof tiles tend to expand and contract in different weather but the mortar connecting it together… Continue Reading

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