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TRITODry: TRITOflex™ Features

TRITOflex™ is a instant-setting liquid rubber roofing membrane that is water-based and environmentally safe. It is a tough yet extremely flexible material that can be efficiently sprayed to any thickness in a single pass creating a fully-adhered, monolithic waterproofing membrane with no waste. TRITOflex™ is lightweight so it can be applied directly over an existing roof system eliminating the need for wasteful and costly tear-offs. Since it is water-based with no VOC’s it is considered a “green” product that is sustainable for years as a restorative waterproofing system.

About TRITOflex™

TRITOflex™ is often used as a roof restoration membrane but is also used for below-grade waterproofing, deck waterproofing, waterproofing walls (internal and external), waterproofing basements, preventing leaks, steel beams, pools, ponds, and a variety of other waterproofing applications. TRITOflex™ is an FM-Approved roof system, achieving the highest ratings possible in the industry and is considered far superior to EPDM waterproofing.

TRITOflex™ is a liquid rubber spray that forms a waterproof membrane on the surface it’s sprayed on to. This membrane has indefinite resistance to water and moisture. TRITOflex™ has many other uses can prevent corrosion and rust on steel and metal surfaces as works as an air barrier to prevent oxygen from contacting metal and causing corrosion and rust.

TRITOflex™ helps to keep your home or business warm, dry and comfortable. There are a range of uses for TRITOflex™, to solve all of your waterproofing needs. From protecting your home or building to ensure it lasts as long as possible, to fixing existing problems – from a small internal leak to larger scale leaky home problems.

Basement waterproofing

Basement leaks are a problem in many houses, especially in below grade basements (below ground level). TRITOflex™ and Polyflex™ is a great wet basement solution, as it can be applied either internally, with Polyflex™ which can eliminate the need for costly excavation, or externally with Tritoflex™, depending on the source of the leak. Transform a leaky basement into a dry basement with TRITOflex™!

Roof coating

TRITOflex™ is a seamless waterproofing system which proves ideal for recovering and repairing virtually all types of existing roof systems. TRITOflex™ is your answer to avoiding costly and disruptive tear-offs. By using TRITOflex™ as your roof coating you will gain a sustainable, life-long roof with the best of the best membrane in the industry.

Roof repairs

If you’ve got waterproofing projects for your gutters, roof repairs, tiling and other joints, TRITOtrowel™ is the perfect solution for these smaller jobs. The product is applied with a flexible brush and can be applied in any thickness. Like TRITOflex™, it is water-based, contains no VOC’s, and holds ponding water indefinitely. TRITOtrowel™ is great for sealing leaking penetrations in your roof and other tricky places around your house.

Green roof systems

Thinking of creating a Green Roof? TRITOflex™ is a liquid applied rubber membrane which is ideal for creating a durable waterproofing membrane to support your garden or green roof system. TRITOflex™ is ideal for your Green Roof project as it withstands water indefinitely and can be sprayed to any thickness in one coat. TRITOflex™also retains water on the roof longer in drought areas and when combined with a drainage mat and soil medium, the vegetation possibilities for the roof are endless.

Foundation waterproofing

The TRITOflex™ waterproofing system is the perfect fit for waterproofing concrete foundation walls, footings, and beneath slabs on new construction, which can otherwise seem like a tricky job. TRITOflex™ makes it easy. Combined with TRITOprime™ which is the ideal primer for waterproofing concrete and asphalt surfaces, TRITOflex™ will ensure complete waterproof coverage for your above grade foundations . TRITOflex™ is simple and quick to install, cost-effective, seamless, and environmentally safe. High 1,900% elongation will withstand static and dynamic cracking of concrete.

Below grade waterproofing

Below grade waterproofing doesn’t have to be a tough job. The TRITOflex™ waterproofing system is the perfect fit for your below grade waterproofing needs. The liquid rubber spray is simple and quick to install, cost-effective and seamless. TRITOflex™ can be sprayed onto concrete foundations and beneath slabs making it the perfect waterproofing solution for your construction and renovation needs. The water proof membrane created by TRITOflex™ has High 1,900% elongation will withstand static and dynamic cracking of your below grade foundations.

Above grade waterproofing

TRITOflex™ is also ideal for above grade (above land) waterproofing. Read more about the types of areas that can be waterproofed.

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